8mint Manual

How to join raffles

Step 1: Go to the project dashboard on 8mint's homepage and click on the "Register" button for the project whose raffle you want to participate in.
Generally, the dashboard only includes "Premium projects." Some "Standard projects" may also appear labeled as "Featured" but by default, standard projects can only be reached through the project's link.
Step 2: Look over the project details. There you will find more information about the registration period and when the minting period will start. In this section, you will also find the maximum available entries and the allocated whitelist spots.
Step 3: Check the requirements you have to fulfill in order to register for this raffle.
Step 4: Once you fulfill all the requirements, click the "Recheck" button to update your information within the 8mint dApp.
Step 5: When you have completed the above steps, click the "Register" button.
Note that you can check the status of the projects you are registered with in the "Activity" tab.