8mint Manual

How to set up your Media manager

To be able to publish a "Premium Project," you must set up an "NFT Collection Address." You can set it up within the "Media manager."
To reach the Media manager, click on your wallet address in the top right corner and select "Media manager."
Step 1: Select your preferred "Contract Standard." from the drop-down menu. Select either ERC721 or ERC1155.
ERC721 - used where there are different designs within a collection as each NFT is different and made as a single NFT. ERC1155 - used when creating many of the same NFTs.
After you choose your contract standard, click the "Create NFT Collection" button as shown and enter the required information in the pop-up window.
When you set the "Collection name", only use numbers and letters. Do NOT use symbols! When you set the "Collection Tiker", only use capital letters and numbers. Do NOT use symbols!
Once completed, click "Confirm" and approve the transaction in your wallet.
Remember that the gas fees will be applied, and you must pay them to deploy the contract address. The price depends on the blockchain you choose for your project and how busy the network is currently.
Step 2: Click on the "Refresh" button, and your collection will show up as shown below. Then click the "Setup Manager" button and confirm the action within the dApp and your wallet.
The Collection Contract holds the creator's NFT collection. A creator can set up multiple collection contracts for different NFT collections.
The Mint Manager contract allows end users to mint NFTs in the collection.
The Asset Manager contract allows creators to release batches of NFTs from the collection in phases to increase end-user interest and momentum.
The Pass Manager contract keeps track of raffle winners and adds their wallets to the “authorized to mint” whitelist.
The Fee Manager contract manages automated platform fees. An automated fee can only be set up with the approval of both the creator and 8mint through a pair of cryptographic, gas-free signatures.
Step 3: Set a minting price for your NFT collection by clicking the "Set Mint Price" button.
Select a currency, set the Tier ID to "1" (if your collection is a single-tier), and set the price amount. Once completed, click "Confirm" and approve the transaction in your wallet.
Set mashed minting and prize discount campaigns with 8mint's randomizer! Add more lower-priced tiers and let your community mint them randomly to receive surprising discounts! Move your marketing campaigns to the next level with 8mint.
Learn how to prepare your NFTs for a multi-tier collection by following this guide.
Step 4: Register an account in "Pinata" (https://app.pinata.cloud/register) and buy the cheapest plan for $20. You must provide 8mint with your Pinata account "API key" and "Secret key".
Step 5: Provide the following to your 8mint representative: - Your NFT Collection Address from your "Media manager". - The "API Key" and the "Secret Key" from your Pinata account. - Your NFT collection, prepared for publishing in 8mint. We will let you know how long it will take us to prepare your collection for uploading on 8mint!
Check out the "How to prepare your NFT collection for publishing in 8mint" guide for information on how to prepare your NFT collection for publication on the 8mint platform.
Step 6: You can now publish your NFTs by clicking on the "Publish Asset" button. Fill in the requested information and then click the "Confirm" button.
Learn how to withdraw the funds from your minted NFTs in the "How to withdraw the funds from your minted NFTs" guide.