8mint Manual

Collector Access

The 8mint platform is only accessible if you are holding an NFT pass. There are two types of passes:

  • Cool Creators pass gives you access to a toolkit developed especially for NFT project owners to help them run successful, automated minting campaigns.
  • Smart Collector pass is designed for NFT seekers. It allows them to discover blue-chip NFT projects still in their early stages and participate in raffles and minting events in a completely secure ecosystem.
For just the next month, access to 8mint will be FREE with one of our limited trial passes. After that you need to purchase either a Cool Creator or Smart Collector pass to get in. Both will be capped at just 10,000 each - so rare and valuable - but with substantial discounts going to trial participants and early subscribers. Enjoy your free month and follow us on Twitter @8mint_Official for more info on how to get the coming discount!
You will find more information about how to set up both types of accounts in the following documents.